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We’re always working on weird things—conferences that defy explanation, post-apocalyptic adventures starring tamales, JavaScript training musicals, and the story you’re experiencing right now. It can be really hard to muster up the courage to do yet another thing that will be hard to explain to people, but when we think about the experiences we love to be a part of (which are all weird and “beyond category”, as Duke Ellington used to say), it shows us who we want to be and gives us the confidence to keep dreaming.

We love the things we love because there is some part of us that is like those things. When we acknowledge the things in our lives that have meant a lot to us, it’s easier to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that we’re really proud of and want to develop further. Knowing what brings us joy can also help us see what’s worth focusing on in the future, and what’s worth letting go of.

What sources of knowledge and information have formed you?

These could be books, talks, poetry, music, articles, pieces of art…anything you’ve gone back to over and over that has significantly inspired and influenced you.

How has each of these resources influenced what you care about and who you are as a person?
What do these things say about what you want and what you need?
How can you get more of these things in your life?
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